Physical Development


At The Academy Nursery School we promote healthy lifestyles by developing understanding of the importance of exercise, eating, sleeping and hygiene. Good physical skills and enjoyment of physical activity are essential. We also believe it is imperative for children to develop large and fine motor skills in order to develop physical literacy skills to support future competency.


Teachers provide a variety of activities to encourage the development of physical skills such as; moving with confidence in a range of ways, hand / eye co-ordination, balance and climbing as well as understanding how to negotiate space successfully.

These skills will be promoted through autonomous outside play, structured and unstructured gymnastics sessions, dance class and morning exercise.

Other physical skills such as controlling tools and equipment are supported by continuous provision and teacher guided activities.

We aim for our children to be able to:
  • Work towards showing good co-ordination in large and small movements
  • Understand ways to keep healthy and safe
  • Practise some appropriate safety measures without direct supervision
  • Consider and manage some risks
  • Eat a healthy range of food and understand the need for a variety of food
  • Jump off an object and land appropriately
  • Travel with confidence and skill around, over, under and through balancing and climbing equipment
  • Begin to use clockwise and anti-clockwise movement and retrace vertical lines