Personal, Social & Emotional Development


At The Academy Nursery School we aim to provide children with the pre-requisite skills to lead confident, safe, healthy and independent lives.  Children at our school will understand different emotions and needs, how to be a good friend and to respect others regardless of race, gender or other differences. We believe it is important to expose children to some risks and challenges in order for them to learn to make judgements and build resilience. We also aim to develop self-confidence and self-esteem in all children to assist with future well-being.


Teachers create an environment in which children are encouraged to be autonomous. With familiar routines, children feel confident to change shoes and hang their coats and belonging on their pegs. At snack time, children are encouraged to make independent choices and be independent in serving, eating and tidying up.

Children are taught different emotions and are encouraged to identify their feelings as well as thinking about how others may feel. Teachers help children resolve any conflicts and to play and interact appropriately with others.

Teachers provide opportunities for children to learn how to care for others, including creatures. Through British Values, children will be supported to learn about and respect differences in the world around them including cultural and religious differences.

We aim for our children to be able to:
  • Describe themselves in positive terms
  • Be aware of behavioural expectations
  • Take steps to resolve conflicts with others
  • Understand that own actions affect others
  • Speak confidently to others about own needs, wants, interests and opinions
How you can help at home:
  • Encourage children to dress, undress and perform daily routines independently. Play race games to see who can get their coats and shoes on quickest
  • Discuss with children about different feelings and how these can be improved
  • If you have a pet, encourage children to take responsibility or help with caring for the animal
  • Encourage children to persevere with activities which may be tricky, such as puzzles and games, to develop resilience and persistence