Additional Areas of Learning

At The Academy Nursery School our children enjoy a holistic approach to their learning and are able to make strides in their development and learning through the varied activities and opportunities to explore.

Many of our learning topics help children to master skills across the areas of learning without them even knowing it! Our Extra-Curricular Classes also support children to develop in other areas.

Here are some examples of the additional areas of learning and activities which we provide in order to inspire children to learn:

Understanding the World
  • Watching ducklings hatch from eggs and provide care for them
  • Watching butterflies emerge from a chrysalis and learning about life cycles
  • Learning about pets and different names for animals and their young through books and songs
  • Learning about different jobs people do and how they can help us
  • Learning about and playing musical instruments during Music Class
  • Discovering different places, cultures and religions through books
  • Taking part in activities to learn about festivals celebrated around the world e.g. Chinese Writing and Diwali paintings
  • Learning that everyone is unique and to respect each other
  • Baking, weighing ingredients, cutting fruits and mixing
Expressive Arts & Design
  • Singing known songs and making up new songs
  • Dancing freely or learning specific steps and movements in Dance Class
  • Linking movements to feelings or emotions
  • Ring games
  • Clapping along and responding  to rhythm
  • Expressing own thoughts and wonders
  • Expressing likes and dislikes and being respectful of others
  • Creating paintings, pictures and models in various materials
  • Exploring colour and different mediums
  • Construction, cause and effect
  • Considering shapes and lines for their creations
  • Self confidence to speak, sing and dance in a group

This is a just a tiny snippet of the opportunities we offer our children on a daily basis. We are confident that our children are inspired and excited by their learning every day.  We love to watch their moments of awe and wonder at the things our staff provide for them!