Extra-Curricular Classes


To support aspects of ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ and ‘Physical Development’ our extracurricular dance classes are delivered by a highly experienced and talented dance teacher.

This class provides the children with opportunities to master different types of movement, respond to rhythm and express and imitate feelings, ideas and experiences. Miss Emma also incorporates literacy and vocabulary skills when delivering games using verbs and adverbs to encourage children to interpret movements such as skipping slowly or jumping quietly.

Children have a dedicated dance studio space which they associate with the content and expectations of the class. Our teachers support the specialist teacher to facilitate the class, modelling and encouraging children to participate fully.


In addition to classroom-based activities, such as singing, rhyming and jingles, our specialist music classes provide extended opportunities to engage in specific musical activity.

Miss Emma introduces children to a variety of musical instruments, looking specifically at the sounds they make, how these differ in tone and pitch and how tones can be changed. Children learn to tap or clap simple repeated rhythm and learn to create musical patterns of their own. This supports children develop a sense of timing and build a repertoire of songs and rhymes.


At The Academy Nursery School, we are very fortunate to be located within an Olympic gymnastics centre.

Our children have the opportunity to participate in both unstructured and structured gymnastics classes.

The structured classes are delivered by experienced pre-school gymnastics coaches and are supported by our teachers. Each class involves children participating in a number of circuits that concentrate on specific skills sets. These may include: jumping and rebound (trampoline and trampette work)  balance and core strength building, using beams and wobble boards and swinging and rolling activities on bars and floor.

During the unstructured classes children are given opportunities to access and explore specialist equipment in a safe and supported environment.

These classes provide enhanced opportunities to promote physical competency, a sense of achievement as well as endless amounts of fun and enjoyment.