Communication & Language (inc. Literacy)


We believe that communication and language, including listening skills, are the key to future learning. Verbal and written literacy skills stem from solid communication and vocabulary in the early years. It is our belief that exposure to literature and a love of reading provides children with a strong foundation for creativity and flair for writing throughout school in preparation for life beyond the classroom.


Teachers at The Academy Nursery School provide a rich language environment to expose children to a broad and varied vocabulary each day. Teachers value and emphasise correct pronunciation and speech sounds to support high level language acquisition which will support later writing and spelling.

Language activities such as singing, rhyming and storytelling as well as introductions to phonics and letter sounds feature consistently within our daily routines. Children are encouraged to use their listening skills to follow instructions effectively, listen and respect their peers.

Mark making and other fine motor activities, such as Dough Disco, provide prerequisite skills for writing and persistence which will be required in later learning. Children’s creativity is nurtured by story creation games and drama which play a significant role in the creative process.

We aim for our children to be able to:
  • Listen whilst engaged in other activities
  • Understand humour
  • Follow stories without pictures or prompts
  • Introduce a storyline or narrative into their play
  • Listen and respond to ideas expressed by others
  • Use vocabulary and forms of speech that are increasingly influenced by their experiences of books
  • Give meaning to the marks they make as they draw and paint
  • Link sounds to letters, naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet
  • Hear and say the initial sounds in words
How you can help at home:
  • Ensure your children are exposed to a variety of books and literature whether independently or shared. Read to and with your children and discuss content, provide opportunities for children to question unknown words and predict what could happen next.
  • Model writing and involve children in creating shopping lists, birthday cards, letters and the creation of stories either verbal, written or in pictures.
  • Set playful challenges for children which include 2 or 3 part instructions along with playing memory games.
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