Our Ethos

The Academy Nursery School provides its pupils an educational adventure in a beautiful and nurturing environment.

We endeavour to ensure that our children are well prepared for their future learning at school, however, we understand that our children are still young! We therefore recognise that building strong relationships and play are fundamentally important, and these elements underpin everything that we do.

All at The Academy Nursery School believe that consistent routines and structure help aid our children’s understanding. This environment, coupled with expert teaching staff, make our children feel comfortable and secure. Ultimately, this setting supports the development of engagement across all activities.

We are passionate about all areas of learning and invite specialist teachers to deliver extra-curricular classes to give children new, broad and exciting experiences.

Fortunately, we are situated within a gymnastics centre which supports our appreciation for a healthy lifestyle. Physical exercise and healthy routines, along with regular classes within the centre, promote participation from an early age. The environment offered to our children supports a true breadth of interaction; from teachers to classmates through to external specialist resource.