Parents Information

Our Sessions

We operate our school Monday – Thursday.

In our Portishead setting, the school day runs from 08.50am to 16.20pm. In our Patchway setting, it’s 08:00am to 15:30pm. All children will be able to attend days according to their funding allocation. For example:

Children Eligible for 15 hours of funding:

Our days are 7.5 hours long, so children can attend two days per week. Additional hours can be requested and will be charged for, please contact us for further information.

Children eligible for 30 hours of funding:

Children can attend all four days during the week to claim their 30 hours.

Extended Hours

We can offer extended hours, before and after school, which are chargeable separately. Please contact us for further information.

Term Dates

The Academy Nursery School will operate for 38 weeks per year and will endeavour to work in line with terms dates outlined by North Somerset.

Term Starts Term Ends
4th September 2023 19th October 2023
30th October 2023 14th December 2023
8th January 2024 8th February 2024
19th February 2024 28th March 2024
15th April 2024 23rd May 2024
3rd June 2024 18th July 2024


The Academy Nursery School will claim your child’s funding directly from the local authority to cover the cost of the provision.

Additionally, parents will be asked to pay a contribution to cover the cost of the additional services we provide. This includes snacks, consumable items and specialist classes that your child will attend as part of the curriculum.

Fees will be charged on a termly basis, in advance and there will be six terms per academic year. We will allow payments to be made monthly however this will incur an additional administration charge.

Children not eligible for funding will be charged based on our hourly rate. For all information on fee structure or for a quote please do not hesitate in contacting The Academy Nursery School Team.

Meals and Snacks

Healthy morning and afternoon snacks will be provided by The Academy Nursery School each day. Meal times at The Academy Nursery School are valued opportunities for social interaction whereby children and staff members eat together. Children will bring a healthy and nutritious packed lunch each day and will be encouraged to develop their independence skills in their own personal care and hygiene.


Children at The Academy Nursery School will be encouraged to wear a simple uniform to promote a sense of identity and belonging. Further details can be obtained directly from your teacher.

Application Process

To apply for a place at The Academy Nursery School you will need to complete the registration form and terms and conditions. Once completed, please return all documents to us along with the registration fee.

We will process your application and confirm your place as soon as possible.

A deposit, equivalent to one term’s fees, is payable upon your child’s placement confirmation. Please note that allocation cannot be guaranteed until this payment has been received and cleared.

We accept children from the age of 2 years. From the term after your child’s third birthday, they will be eligible to receive funding from the Local Authority. Children can attend prior to becoming eligible for funding but the hours attended would be chargeable to parents until the funding period begins.